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5 weed products Kika Keith can't live without


For Kika Keith, tackling the beast of reforming cannabis social equity in Los Angeles has been a long journey, one she never expected would last for as long as it has.  Keith is a single mother to three girls, serial entrepreneur, cannabis advocate, founder of Life Development Group, co-founder of the Social Equity Owners and Workers Association (SEOWA), and now a Social Equity cannabis retail license owner. As a South-Central Los Angeles native, she was raised in a household and community where there wasn’t much of a stigma around cannabis. “My parents were always into alternative medicine and I was raised with the value that what we need for our health comes from the ground. I was blessed with that awareness of the benefits of cannabis and kind of parlayed that into the industry in 2007,” Keith shared with Weedmaps.      Keith stepped into the industry with a line of infused chlorophyll water and partnered with Virgil Grant, another Black cannabis pioneer and dispensary owner from Los Angeles. In 2018, California passed the California Cannabis Equity Act that would allow for the development and operation of cannabis equity programs aimed at including the minority communities who had been adversely affected by cannabis criminalization, according to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation.  When Keith heard of this program bringing some form of reparations to her own community — as well as a valuable business opportunity — she thought she would apply, get the ball rolling with her business, and see a real dynamic change after the program was released. But that wasn’t the case.  Rising above failing cannabis equity programs  The complications after the legalization and regulation of cannabis in California continued to persist, laid out in Weedmaps’ recent docuseries, Uprooted, in which Keith shared her experience as an…

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