Interview with Tyler Green of ISMOKE


Seedsman interviews Tyler Green – founder of ISMOKE, videomaker, activist, and researcher on everything related to cannabis. ISMOKE is a cannabis lifestyle and culture brand that aims to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis and raise awareness of the failures of prohibition. We have been wanting to catch up with Tyler for quite some time and sat down to ask him about his cannabis journey, what inspires him, and any tips he has for people starting up a cannabis blog or youtube channel. So, what inspired you to start ISMOKE?  I was sick of the anti-cannabis propaganda I saw in newspapers and the stereotypes I saw on TV. I wanted to show that cannabis consumers come from all walks of life. So I had the idea to write and collaborate with others, and to publish our work in a magazine each month.  What were you doing before this, and had you always wanted to work in the cannabis industry?  Before ISMOKE I was finishing my degree, but I also spent half a decade working in an office, which I did not enjoy. The cannabis industry was something that always interested me. I’m continually amazed to this day how much this plant has to offer, so since I started working in the industry full-time I have never been happier. How has is it been over the last 10 years since starting? What are the major changes you have seen?  The last decade has seen such a massive shift in the global perception of cannabis. It has, in my opinion, been legitimised, with many countries opting for medical and even recreational legalisation. Seeing how perceptions have changed in just the last few years in my own country has been really positive, and with the increased awareness comes increased pressure for…

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Source : Interview with Tyler Green of ISMOKE

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