Everything you need to know about the Crafty+


As the vaporizer market continues to explode, it seems that most brands are focused on producing devices that are flashy and futuristic, as opposed to reliable and well-made. While features like endless controls and LED light shows make sense for extract vaporizers and the hypebeast culture they predicate, flower vapes cater to a different mentality, one that is a little slower and more thoughtful.  If concentrate vapes are about blasting off, flower vapes are about savoring the experience. They tend to attract those who enter the cannabis market from a wellness angle, as opposed to those looking to obliterate themselves. Part of this is due to the fact that vaporizing is better for you, mentally and physically, than smoking.  When you vaporize flower, you’re boiling the high-inducing chemical compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids at optimal temperatures, as opposed to eviscerating them with a lighter. Not only is it easier on the lungs, it doesn’t make you smell, generally lending itself to a more discreet consumer. The best flower vaporizers are simple, because that’s all they need to be.  One of the most trusted brands in the industry, Storz & Bickel, nailed it with their stunning new Crafty+, an updated version of their original Crafty flower vape. With its survivalist aesthetic, pared down functioning skills, and impressive capability, this is the perfect device for the enthusiast on the go.  What is the Crafty+? The Crafty+ is a compact and portable flower vaporizer by respected European vape brand Storz & Bickel. With a simple yet effective design, this device reduces the act of vaping flower to its most basic form.  Similar to the much larger Storz & Bickel Mighty, the Crafty+ is ready to go with perfected factory settings. Literally all you have to do is insert your ground flower, press a…

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