Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher Weeks 11-13: Clones and Lights


The Balkhi Province Back in the saddle and here we are again… For those of you who were concerned, Ihave recovered about 90% from my ladder incident and life is getting back to normal. That is, if you consider the coldest weeks of winter normal! I have the clones in their new home and the new light grid is looking good. There’s a lot to see, so let’s pick up where we left off. Here’s where the plants were at the end of week ten. As you might be able to see, there are five plants that are showing male pattern stretch. The branches are spindly, there is a lot of node spacing, and the foliage is sparse. As you know, females tend to be heavier in appearance with thicker leaves and shorter growth. I can tell that these lights are functioning beyond expectations since there is little, to no stretch, in themajority of the plants. When we left off, the Balkhi had just been replanted and were getting their roots wet in the new 3-gallon air-pots. I gave them a few days to get dialled in in their new home and worked on getting the nutrients figured out. I started the Nectar For The Gods on their third day, but it was a very heavy mix and I foresaw issues with using it as a hydroponic style feeding solution. So, I went back to the much lighter Earth Juice Sea Blast mix. The plants reacted to the initial feeding of the NFTG solution in a way that worried me. Some level of shock is not uncommon withnutrient changes but I was not willing to wait out the recovery. I have too much time in this bunch to risk them, so I just did a light flush and fed them…

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Source : Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher Weeks 11-13: Clones and Lights

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