Weed withdrawal: More than half of people using medical cannabis for pain experience withdrawal symptoms

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In stark contrast to the  overblown fears  portrayed during decades past, these days, most people  think cannabis is relatively harmless . While weed is indeed less dangerous than some other drugs, it is not without risks. In a study published Jan. 5, my colleagues and I found that 59% percent of people using medical cannabis for chronic pain experienced  moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms  if they stopped ingesting weed for hours or days. Meet the cannabis advocacy group partnering with one of Canada’s leading HIV/AIDS centres McGill researchers discover one of the possible mechanisms behind LSD’s ability to boost sociability What pot products are Canadians buying when it comes to wellness? Most states in the U.S. have legalized cannabis for medical purposes and 15 have legalized it for recreational use. More people are using cannabis,  especially older adults , and the  perceived harms from weed use are steadily decreasing . While many people report therapeutic benefits or enjoy recreational use of cannabis, it is important people understand the  potential risks of cannabis use  too. What cannabis withdrawal looks like Cannabis withdrawal symptoms can include both physical and psychological experiences that emerge when someone  comes down from being high or goes for a period of time without use . When people use cannabis regularly – such as daily or nearly daily – parts of the brain become reliant on cannabinoids, the psychoactive chemicals in cannabis. Cannabinoids are naturally produced in the body, but at a much lower level than is available in most cannabis products. Among those who don’t use weed for a period of several hours or days, cannabinoid levels drop and they experience withdrawal symptoms. These can including irritability, depressed mood, decreased appetite, sleep difficulties, a desire or craving to use cannabis, restlessness, anxiety, increased aggression, headaches, shakiness, nausea, increased anger,…

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Source : Weed withdrawal: More than half of people using medical cannabis for pain experience withdrawal symptoms

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