The Coolest Cannabis Mutations


Like every other living thing, cannabis undergoes the occasional genetic mutation. While this might sound somewhat undesirable, the truth is that these random alterations are vital for the survival of the species, by allowing it to develop new traits and enhancing its adaptability to changing environments. That said, many of the mutations that cannabis growers come across are just plain weird. Related Post Everything You Need To Know About Genetic Stability In Cannabis Polyploidism Cannabis is a diploid species, which means each of its cells has a total of two chromosomes, one of which is inherited from each parent. However, every now and then, a mutation occurs whereby these chromosomes are duplicated, leaving a plant with double or even triple the number of chromosomes it would otherwise have. According to PharmaSeeds plant scientist research associate Dr Gary Yates, this particular cannabis mutation can be excellent news for growers. “When you increase the chromosome number, it causes all the cells descendent from that cell line to be larger,” he told Seedsman. “So, in a flowering plant you can end up with enormous buds. Experimentally, induced polyploidy has even been shown to increase CBD content by about ten percent.” #Polyploid #cannabis is amazing looking +works great too! #PinkKush #cannoisseur #GanjaSommelier #USA #Canada #yyc— #AmeriCanadians (@AmeriCanadians) March 27, 2016 Polyembryonic Seeds Just as one human ovum can produce twins, so too can a single cannabis seed give rise to two seedlings. Growers who notice two embryonic plants sprouting from the same seed often try to separate them in order to ensure they don’t compete with one another for nutrients, although teasing them apart can be a little fiddly. When doing so, it’s particularly important not to damage the tap root of either plant. The obvious advantage here is that you end up…

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