Couple claiming to be returning from funeral nabbed with 45 kilograms of weed

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A questionable excuse and a sharp-nosed K9 officer were enough to initiate a vehicle search in Utah earlier this month that revealed at least 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of cannabis. The couple reported they were driving home from a funeral in California, said to be for the female occupant’s sister, when they were pulled over on Jan. 21, according to Deseret News. After leaving the funeral in Oceanside, Calif., the couple said that they had spent the night at a hotel in Nevada, notes an affidavit from a Utah Highway Patrol trooper. This entrepreneurial “god” gets nabbed for drug dealing via Snapchat Rental truck driver buys herself a heap of trouble when stopped with 340 kilograms of weed ‘I’m gonna be honest, I’ve got a little bud in here,’ man says before police find more than 10 pounds of pot in vehicle It’s not clear if the funeral was verified, but apparently unconvinced, the trooper called in a second officer and his K-9 partner. A quick walk around the vehicle showed that something was amiss, with the drug-sniffing dog signalling a “positive indication to the odour of illegal substance at the passenger side of the vehicle,” Deseret News cites the affidavit as noting. The subsequent vehicle search resulted in the troopers discovering 100 one-pound (454 gram) “packages of green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana in the trunk,” the affidavit states. Beyond that, the troopers also discovered “six packages of brown waxy substance that appeared to be marijuana wax that weighed one pound apiece.” Waylon Mayer, 40, and Laura Parker, 62, placed under arrest, Deseret News reports. They were taken to a local jail pending investigation of possessing 100 pounds (45 kg) of marijuana or more. Mayer was also issued a speeding ticket. Recreational cannabis is illegal in Utah.…

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Source : Couple claiming to be returning from funeral nabbed with 45 kilograms of weed

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