Think cannabis can help kick a cocaine habit? Montreal researchers say no

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Cannabidiol, known as CBD, appears to do little to effectively treat cocaine dependence and performed no better than a placebo, suggests a new study out of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal’s (CHUM) Research Centre. The clinical trial at CHUM involved 78 participants who had cocaine use disorder, which was severe for the majority of the participants. Randomly split into two groups, one group received 800 mg of CBD daily and the other got a placebo. After completing a 10-day, in-patient detoxification period, each subject then received weekly follow-ups for 12 weeks, a statement from CHUM notes . Cocaine users who consume weed to help sleep aren’t getting better ZZZs U.K. Anti-Doping allows seven suspended athletes to return to competition The Irish are trading cocaine for cannabis in lockdown: Police “Cannabidiol did not reduce cocaine craving or relapse among people being treated for cocaine use disorder,” states the study , published last week in Addiction . The scientific team acknowledges that CBD has attracted much interest as a possible addiction treatment — including for cocaine use disorder, which develops in about one in every five regular users in North America — but add the current findings don’t bear that out. “In our study, the use of CBD was not more effective than a placebo in treating cocaine use disorder,” says Violaine Mongeau-Pérusse, the study’s first author and a Ph.D. student in the Didier Jutras-Aswad Research Laboratory. “Although it is safe and produces only mild side effects [the treatment was associated mainly with diarrhea], it reduces neither the craving to use nor the risk of relapse after detoxification,” Mongeau-Pérusse adds. “Cocaine use disorder is a significant public health concern for which no efficacious pharmacological interventions are available,” the study notes. With existing scientific evidence related to using cannabis to treat the disorder…

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Source : Think cannabis can help kick a cocaine habit? Montreal researchers say no

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