Seth Rogen has written a book and his mom wishes there were fewer drugs in it

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Writer, actor, comedian and cannabis entrepreneur Seth Rogen is publishing a collection of stories about his life, reports the Canadian Press. Set to publish in May on Crown, an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group, “Yearbook” is a collection of essays that Rogen hopes are “funny at worst, and life-changingly amazing at best.” “I talk about my grandparents, doing stand-up comedy as a teenager, bar mitzvahs, and Jewish summer camp, and tell way more stories about doing drugs than my mother would like. I also talk about some of my adventures in Los Angeles, and surely say things about other famous people that will create a wildly awkward conversation for me at a party one day,” Rogen writes in a teaser for the book. Seth Rogen live tweets ‘Cats’ while high Seth Rogen’s fix for pandemic isolation? Smoke ‘ungodly’ amounts of weed Are Seth Rogen’s Houseplant cannabis strains worth the price? In a press release, Rogen’s mother, Sandy, writes that she was worried, at first, when she learned Seth was writing a collection of stories. “I was like, ‘Oh no! What’s he gonna say?!’ I was actually scared to even read it. But I’m very happy I did. It’s not really a memoir, like I thought it might be. I guess it’s more of a bunch of funny stories? Does that make sense?,” she writes, before adding that she wishes there was less “drug talk.” “Why does he need all that? It’s like ‘We get it!’ And some of the stories? I mean, they’re entertaining, but I was just shocked they happened and he never told me! Overall, I think it’s more sweet and funny than anything, so I like it, and I’m glad he wrote it, but I’d be even more glad if he called me more.” Rogen…

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Source : Seth Rogen has written a book and his mom wishes there were fewer drugs in it

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