Have 23 kilograms of weed stashed in the house? Then don’t call police to report a suspected robbery

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A man in Albany, N.Y. called 911 to report a robbery in progress at his home, but apparently forgot to get rid of the 51 pounds (23 kilograms) of cannabis he had in the home before police arrived to investigate. After receiving the 911 call at about 10:45 pm on Jan. 26, officers with the Albany Police Department (APD) were dispatched to check out a report of unknown suspect trying to gain entry into the home. Upon arriving, the police discovered the suspects had already hightailed it from the scene, notes an APD statement . The lack of burglary suspects, however, did not mean the investigation was over. While carrying out the probe, officers observed that a resident was in possession of the illicit marijuana. Two men remembered to return their rental car, but forgot their cache of drugs New Yorkers encouraged to call 911 if they spot ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ Great ‘green’ broom sweeps across the U.S., clearing the path to legalize weed in several states It’s certainly not the first time calling 911 for police assistance ended up going south. Consider the teen who likely got a stern talking-to or worse after calling the police claiming that his mother had stolen his weed , the two Missouri men who face felony charges after making a fake 911 call about a kidnapping to distract police from finding 130 pounds (59 kg) of cannabis in the vehicle trunk (they failed) or the five-year-old in Australia who made a prank call to police that led to the discovery of the woman’s homegrown cannabis plants. In the burglary incident, Christian Deluna, 25, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with one count of criminal possession of marijuana. Deluna was released after being arraigned the next day. Recreational cannabis remains…

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Source : Have 23 kilograms of weed stashed in the house? Then don’t call police to report a suspected robbery

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