Chemdog and 7 strains that come from it

When it comes to historical cannabis strains, Chemdog — also known as “Chemdawg” — is easily one of the most influential. The original hybrid is well-known for its gassy aroma and potent effects that hit the body with a widely euphoric experience — it’s best reserved for those who have higher tolerances. Chemdog’s unique qualities are the reason we as consumers revere gassy aromas as the most potent, most hard-hitting, and often the best of the best in cannabis. But how did Chemdog come to be, and how has it affected the lineage of other popular strains? The history of Chemdog Chemdog is a famous hybrid that has been around since the 1990s when many of the cannabis strains we all know and love today were first being discovered, bred, worked, and proliferated.  As its origin story goes, three fellas named Greg (Chemdog), Pbud (Mike), and Joe Brand met in the summer of 1991 at a Grateful Dead show in Indiana. Chemdog was 18 at the time and Pbud was 21. Chem was walking around the parking lot looking for weed and heard someone say “kind bud”  — that someone was Pbud. Chemdog noticed it was some of the best weed he’d ever seen, so he bought a quarter of it, and the weed was so good that Chemdog got Pbud’s phone number in order to get some more.  Years later, he reached out to Pbud and crew for more of that dank weed. They came through, and mailed a $500 ounce of it to Chemdog in Massachusetts. In that ounce, there were 13 seeds that popped into the three original Chemdog phenotypes: Chemdawg 91, Chem D, and Chem’s Sister. Years after breeding Chem 91, Chem D, and Chem’s Sister, Chemdog ended up sending some of the original seeds back…

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