Manitoba RCMP has one word for anyone thinking about smoking weed on frozen lakes: Don’t

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The RCMP is reminding Manitobans that they face hefty fines for using weed or alcohol on the ice of lakes and waterways, an added incentive to remain sober if the risk of crashing through the ice and plunging into frigid water isn’t enough. COVID-19 restrictions have sent many people in the province to the great outdoors, sometimes enhancing their enjoyment with a little alcohol and/or cannabis. No, it’s not legal to buy weed in the U.K., and, yes, it’s worse to try doing it during a pandemic shutdown Multiple people arrested following illegal New Year’s Eve rave in France San Francisco weighing US$1,000 fines for people who smoke cannabis in their apartments Police have noticed more people out walking, skiing, skating and ice fishing, notes a statement from the RCMP’s Selkirk detachment . But not all ice is equal and how sound it is depends on where it’s located. There has been a marked increase in the popularity of ice fishing this year in southern Manitoba. “The lakes and waterways are covered with ice fishing shacks, both permanent and temporary,” as well as people and snowmobiles, reports the RCMP. But the uptick in interest has brought with it a rise in illegal alcohol and cannabis consumption. “Those climbing numbers lead directly to more people driving to and from their fishing shacks while impaired,” the police say. It is illegal to consume alcohol or cannabis while on the ice or inside either a temporary or permanent ice fishing shelter, the statement points out. The fine for having open alcohol on the ice is $672. “With all sorts of vehicles out and about, no determined roadway, people skiing, walking and skating, and places where there is open water, the ice can be a challenge to drive on at the best of times,” cautions…

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Source : Manitoba RCMP has one word for anyone thinking about smoking weed on frozen lakes: Don’t

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