Weed-using entrepreneurs find the plant both helps and hurts creativity

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It’s a mix of good and bad when it comes to how weed might help entrepreneurs come up with creative and feasible business ideas, although seasoned business players with less “out-there” thoughts seem to experience fewer ups and downs. Appearing in the Journal of Business Venturing , new research out of Washington State University (WSU) suggests that weed use “may have some benefits in the early brainstorming stages of the venture ideation process,” but it remains key to ground creativity in reality to successfully launch a new company. Researchers considered feedback from 254 entrepreneurs who “completed a new venture ideation task, generating as many ideas for a new business as possible based on virtual reality technology,” according to a WSU article . Each entrepreneur chose his or her best idea and its originality and feasibility were rated by a panel of experts. Mind Medicine announces study evaluating effects of microdosing LSD Cannabis use after work doesn’t affect productivity — new research Does cannabis enhance the art experience? Although ideas — not individuals — were the focus of the current study, research published in 2017 tested whether users’ personalities or cannabis itself positively affected creativity. Relative to non-users, researchers found that while sober cannabis consumers “appear to demonstrate enhanced creativity, these effects are an artifact of their heightened levels of openness to experience.” And a  review back in 2011 suggested that using weed “produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which, in turn, might lead to connecting seemingly unrelated concepts, an aspect of divergent thinking considered primary to creative thinking.” By breaking free from ordinary thinking and associations, weed users upped the likelihood of generating novel ideas or associations. In the latest study, however, cannabis-using entrepreneurs — defined as those who reported consuming marijuana an average of almost 20 times in the past month —…

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Source : Weed-using entrepreneurs find the plant both helps and hurts creativity

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