The best portable dab rigs

The rise of portable e-rigs completely revolutionized dab culture. Prior to technology redefining this genre over the past decade, dabbing was considered a sketchy corner of cannabis consumption, nothing like the futuristic market we see today.  In all honesty, traditional dabbing was kind of sketchy. From the giant torche and the red hot rig, to the anonymous black goo of the early dab days, there was plenty not to love. Despite being one of the most effective and cleanest ways to consume cannabis, questionable factors like these alienated most casual and new consumers. Since devices like e-rigs and electric dab straws made dabbing more accessible, concentrates — and the devices that vaporize them — have become the fastest growing facet of the weed market. The devices are beautiful, sleek, and user friendly. And as for the concentrates themselves, it’s way better to take a clean hit of extract than it is to take a lung-wrecking bong rip.  Dabbing on the go is even more discreet. While the smell of smoke lingers, vapor’s gone in an instant. To celebrate these game-changing devices, here are the best portable dab rigs on the market today.  Puffco Peak Pro Puffco One of the most influential cannabis products of all time, the Peak by Puffco pioneered the electronic dab rig. With its chic, simple design, consuming concentrates became as easy as pushing a button at a time when torches and rigs ruled the market.  Puffco recently released its follow up, the Puffco Peak Pro, where upgrades focus on future-forward details like app-compatibility and wireless charging, without eclipsing the simplicity of the original design. The hottest device on the market, the Peak Pro has it all, as long as you can afford the $400 price tag. Price: $399.99 Dr Dabber Switch Dr. Dabber Another device that’s…

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