Survey says cannabis is America’s favourite way to kick opiates

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Although opiates are meant to be a temporary tool, millions of people in the U.S. have not been able to kick opiate dependency after being prescribed the drug. With an estimated 10.3 million Americans using opiates in 2018, that’s almost four per cent of the country’s population. That being the case, it is imperative to find an alternative in the world of pain management. Consumers Are Replacing Pharmaceuticals With Medical Marijuana Canadian study finds almost half of medical cannabis users with chronic pain stopped using opioids Three interesting things cannabis research showed us in 2022 Many promising studies have been done using cannabis with opiates or as a replacement for them, including a December 2020 survey . This research focused on the effects of cannabis and opiates used together. However, as noted by the survey, research on medical cannabis is severely limited by the Schedule 1 status of cannabis in the U.S. Because of this, physicians are unable to give complete advice to patients, who, in turn, means patients oftentimes rely on medical dispensaries when choosing cannabis. With the outsider status of medicinal cannabis, information is often gathered through surveys. The December survey included analysis of 525 responses out of the 1,181 given — 656 respondents either did not use opiates for three months to treat their pain or did not use cannabis and opiates together. “Our results show a remarkable percentage of patients both reporting complete cessation of opioids and decreasing opioid usage by the addition of medical cannabis, with results lasting for over a year for the majority. We hypothesize these effects may be due to the reported synergistic decrease in pain that has been shown with adding cannabis to opioids,” study authors wrote. “Likely, as a result, the majority expressed not wanting opioids in the future, particularly…

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Source : Survey says cannabis is America’s favourite way to kick opiates

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