All-Natural Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones from King Palm

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There’s nothing like enjoying the long, slow burn of a perfectly fat blunt for a supersized session. Maybe you’re sitting down alone to enjoy some peace and solitude while you relish in the flavors and feelings, or maybe you’re zooming with friends. Either way, there is an almost sacred feeling associated with the slow burn of a blunt that simply can’t be replicated with other smoking devices.   Making sure all that bud is preserved with a quality wrap job is critical. It’s a skill not everyone can claim. And getting it just right can be frustrating.   Thanks to King Palm’s pre-rolled palm leaf cones, you can stop wasting time rolling blunts and joints and get straight to smoking. Each and every one of King Palm’s natural leaf smoking cones is hand-rolled to ensure the perfect smoke, and their product line features a variety of options, so you can easily switch up your smoking experience with different flavors and sizes for complete customization.  Just Pack It Cannabis lovers looking for an all-natural smoking experience can finally put their search to rest. Founded in 2016, King Palm is the first company to offer a real, hand-rolled leaf that is easy to pack. The leaves are from the flowering Cordia tree, which thrives in Southeast Asia. Naturally chemical and preservative-free, they do not contain any glue or artificial flavors.  The leaves of King Palm pre-rolls are essentially empty tubes that allow for an easy filling process. A biodegradable bamboo packing stick is included with every smoking cone to ensure a tight pack, as well as a humidity pack for moisture control. This means that, even a year after opening the package, your rolls will be just as fresh and crisp as the day you bought them. Additionally, each pre-rolled cone is outfitted with an all-natural,…

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Source : All-Natural Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones from King Palm

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