Everything you need to know about the Ardent Nova


The Nova — the flagship multi-tool making the most of cannabis edibles through consistent cannabis decarboxylation — is the first product from all-star company Ardent. Attention to detail, from the coordinated packaging and design to the thoughtful and important information accessible from their website, is what makes them — and this product — so easy to love.  The Ardent Nova uses precision science-backed technology to take the mess and guesswork out of decarbing cannabis, a previously tedious, smelly, and inconsistent process. Decarbing is not only an essential step in the process of turning cannabis into edibles, but also offers plenty of benefits for regular use like smoking and vaping. And as a multi-tool in the kitchen, the Ardent Nova makes infusing oils through decarboxylation easy, allowing people to have more control over the dosing and cost of their edibles. This is equally good news for those who use cannabis as medicine, as well as those who want to explore the fun and delicious world of edibles — or both. Below, find out everything you need to know about the Ardent Nova. What is the Ardent Nova? The Nova is a culinary multi-tool used to decarboxylate cannabis flower and concentrates. It also doubles as an infusion chamber. The Nova was the first product launched by Ardent and is sisters to the Ardent FX.  The design is sophisticated yet easy-to-use with deep magenta color and has no obvious cannabis markings, making it easy to keep with other kitchen appliances or on a shelf next to contemporary decor. The compact appliance consists of the primary base with connected power chord, chamber insert, silicon lid, and a locking lid.  Ardent How does it work? Decarbing and infusing the classic way can be intimidating, so one of the best things about the Ardent Nova is…

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