Breeding Tropical Genetics With the Hawaiian Seed Company

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Hawaii — the name alone evokes glistening visions of paradise; emerald hills and valleys, topaz waterfalls and lagoons, diamond white beaches and shimmering obsidian stretches of volcanic coastline, all sprawled across a sapphire sea and drenched in the floral perfume of perpetual spring. For lovers of cannabis, that gem-encrusted island cluster possesses an extra layer of allure thanks to the long-standing (and well-earned) reputation it has cultivated where cultivation is concerned. The unfettered fertility of Hawaii’s volcanic soil and the ceaseless beaming of its nearly seasonless sun produce some of the most highly prized agricultural products on Earth, including sugar cane, coffee, pineapple — and yes — cannabis. Hawaiian bud earned a place in the pantheon of pot during the 1970s, the first golden age of modern ganja. This was long before formal branding was a part of cannabis, but “Maui Wowie” still made a big enough impact to become a global household name. To this day, not only do people still recognize and respond to that name, it’s on the short list of old-school cultivars that are still grown and enjoyed in (roughly) their original form. Bottom line: Hawaiian cannabis is the stuff of legends. Hawaiian Seed Company co-founder and CEO, River Young, is counting on the tangible expression of that legend in the feeling and flavor of the company’s proprietary genetics to propel the fledgling company to soaring heights. Powerline 41 is a cross of a Kauai Electric mother plant with a Thunderf*ck father. Young is no stranger to Hawaiian cultivation. He was raised on Kauai’s North Shore and worked as the manager of a lettuce, tomato and cucumber farm there, giving him an intimate understanding of the unique advantages and challenges of island agriculture. As far as he’s concerned, finding “the best genetics possible” is the first step in establishing a successful brand. “We…

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