Shhh. Secret cache of cannabis plants found hidden in surreptitious set-up behind bookshelf

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An illegal cannabis cultivator in South Australia went to great lengths to fashion a complicated and well-secured hiding place for 65 immature plants, but the police found them anyway. The potted plants and associated equipment were discovered in a room under the main house, which was only accessible “via a secreted doorway hidden by a bookcase that could only be opened via electronic means,” the South Australia Police (SAPOL) reported this week . Snowless roof despite wintry conditions tips off police to illegal cannabis farm Howdy, neighbour: U.K. dealers create hole that spreads illegal cannabis grow across two properties First, police found a trapdoor. Then, a cannabis bunker. And finally, the motive for a grisly gang murder Members of SAPOL’s Serious and Organised Crime Branch also found a number of racks that looked to be used for drying harvested cannabis, although no weed was seen. What they did see was about $135,000 in cash, again secreted away, and that the growers had diverted electricity to power the operation. The Jan. 24 find was the result of a property in Greenwith being searched, part of ongoing investigation into the activities of a group involved in trafficking and growing weed. That same day, a search of Port Wakefield property resulted in the discovery of “99 cannabis plants of varying levels of maturity being grown in a sophisticated hydroponic set-up across five separate grow rooms,” SAPOL reports. Again, the electricity had been diverted at the property. “The level of sophistication with respect to the secret underground room at the Greenwith property and the manner in which the grow rooms were set up at the Port Wakefield property highlights the extent to which individuals and groups will go to in an effort to avoid detection and ensure their criminal enterprises prosper,” said SAPOL’s Detective…

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Source : Shhh. Secret cache of cannabis plants found hidden in surreptitious set-up behind bookshelf

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