No, it’s not legal to buy weed in the U.K., and, yes, it’s worse to try doing it during a pandemic shutdown

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Three pals out for a late-night, cannabis shopping spree had their fun cut short when police stopped them for breaching COVID-19 lockdown rules and then learned what they had been buying was a bit of weed. The trio — all in the same vehicle, but all from different households — was busted on the night of Jan. 22, according to the Island Echo . All were fined for breaching health regulations and one man was also cited for possessing a controlled drug. The wish-list purchase did nothing to convince the Hampshire Constabulary officers that the men needed to be outside during COVID-19. All three were ordered to pay £200 ($348). Even three-metre-long boa constrictor was all stressed out when suspected illegal cannabis grow left in the cold and dark Naked man unable to evade police as he flees illegal cannabis grow U.K. Anti-Doping allows seven suspended athletes to return to competition The coronavirus “is spreading fast. Do not leave your home unless necessary. One in three people who have the virus have no symptoms, so you could be spreading it without knowing it,” notes information from the U.K. government , which has also issued video messages emphasizing the need to stay home. “Robust enforcement action should be taken as required, where blatant breaches in public places or private premises are reported to us,” Maggie Blyth, assistant chief constable for the Hampshire Constabulary, said in a statement after the national restrictions were reintroduced. Leaving home is only allowed for a few reasons, including going to work or to provide voluntary or charitable services that cannot reasonably be done from home, exercising once a day with one’s household while remaining two metres apart, attending education or childcare for those who are eligible, and shopping for basic necessities for oneself or for a…

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Source : No, it’s not legal to buy weed in the U.K., and, yes, it’s worse to try doing it during a pandemic shutdown

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