How to use cannabis in ways that are eco-friendly

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Cannabis isn’t normally associated with environmental dangers. Now that everyone is more aware of the threat of global warming, large percentages of people are looking for ways to help out the environment in any way they can, be that by recycling or by reducing the amount of energy they use. Canadians Not Happy With ‘Excessive’ Plastic Packaging of Marijuana Products Give Canadian cannabis producers more packaging and labelling flexibility Is hemp the future of cannabis packaging? When it comes to cannabis , there are a few things that conscious consumers can do to be more mindful of the environment and truly know where their product is coming from. Here’s how to use marijuana in ways that are environmentally conscious. Avoid baggies and recycle bottles Packaging is an issue with most consumer products. When it comes to cannabis, one of the perks of legalization is the increased use of glass containers and avoidance of plastic, a very difficult element for the environment to process. Whenever possible, go for glass containers, since these can be washed and repurposed. Once done with them, make sure to recycle them at the nearest dispensary, if that service is available, or by recycling glass and dropping off containers in the recycling bin. Buy organic Cannabis remains federally illegal in the U.S., meaning that organic certification isn’t available. Still. certifications such as Clean Green and Sun+Earth are among the equivalents to organic certification, having been developed by growers and activists who want to farm and grow products in ways that are less harmful to the environment. Know who grows your weed One of the biggest issues with black market cannabis is that there’s no regulation process behind the growth of this product, which, at times, can contain synthetic pesticides and can harm wildlife and water supplies. Legal…

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