Brexit Halts Medical Cannabis Supply For Epileptic Children


Parents of severely epileptic children are desperately pleading with the British government to kick-start the flow of life-saving medical cannabis products, after supplies were halted due to Brexit. Shockingly, families were only made aware of the issue two weeks before the end of the Brexit transition period, giving them virtually no time to prepare for the rule change and generating a huge amount of distress and uncertainty. Related Post How CBD Prevents Seizures In Children With Epilepsy The Impact Of Brexit On Medical Cannabis While the majority of cannabis-based medical products are not affected by Brexit, one particular medicine, known as Bedrolite, has suddenly become unavailable to UK-based patients at very short notice. The reason for this is that while British doctors can prescribe Bedrolite, the product itself is currently only dispensed by pharmacies in Holland – and with the UK having exited the European Union, continental pharmacies are no longer able to accept British prescriptions. Bedrolite contains nine percent CBD and less than one percent THC, and has proven itself to be extremely effective at treating certain forms of severe epilepsy. It is thought that 42 British children currently rely on the medication, yet have been unable to access it since beginning of this month, when the UK finally cut its ties with the EU. Outrageously, the government waited until December 15 before revealing that the supply of Bedrolite was about to dry up. On that date, a letter sent to Bedrolite prescribers by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) stated that “from 1 January 2021, prescriptions issued in the UK can no longer be lawfully dispensed in an EU Member State. Therefore, dispensing finished cannabis oil (Bedrocan products) in the Netherlands against prescriptions from UK prescribers is no longer an option from 1 January 2021.” Essentially,…

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Source : Brexit Halts Medical Cannabis Supply For Epileptic Children

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