Ronnie Cowan, MP: ‘The Time for Talking is Over’


  Ronnie Cowan is an MP for the Scottish National Party and represents Inverclyde in the House of Commons. Having been first elected in 2015, Mr Cowan has campaigned for a number of key social issues including drug policy reform, with a strong focus on improving access to medical cannabis. As the Vice-chair of the All-party parliamentary groups (APPG) on Gambling Related Harm; Drug Policy Reform and Medical cannabis under prescription, Ronnie is one of the leading figures focusing on cannabis reform in the UK. While COVID-19 remains active in our community we are required to make adjustments to our daily routines so we can continue to function to the best of our abilities. But we also have one eye on life after COVID-19 with the ongoing rollout of vaccines that can counter the virus. However, could you imagine being in the position where that vaccine existed and had been proved to work but we were being denied it? Instead, we were told that it was too expensive, and we would have to continue with life as it is, including the risk of contracting the virus and dying. That’s unimaginable, isn’t it? And yet we have a similar situation right now in the United Kingdom. There are people living in the United Kingdom, many of whom are children, with forms of epilepsy that result in damaging seizures day in day out. These seizures can severely restrict their quality of life. Their condition is not curable, but it is treatable. We know this because some have been fortunate enough to access the medicine required to treat their condition. Unfortunately, many have not and in the current climate they are not likely to. Let me be absolutely clear the medicine exists, and it can be prescribed and accessed by people living in…

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Source : Ronnie Cowan, MP: ‘The Time for Talking is Over’

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