Chatham-Kent Police seize $25.5 million worth of cannabis plants over the last six months

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Chatham-Kent Police Service’s (CKPS) Intelligence Unit has located, investigated and dismantled four illegal cannabis grow-ops in the last six months, worth an estimated $25.5 million, with three busts taking place in January 2021 alone. The estimated value of the hefty haul is based on confiscating 25,000 illegal marijuana plants, notes a CKPS statement . “These illegal plants have been removed from our streets and out of the hands of our youth,” the police say. Chatham resident takes down backyard burglar to protect homegrown pot This is how landlords can spot illegal grow-ops: police OPP executes another bust, seizes a reported $870,000 worth of cannabis plants “These operations will not be tolerated here in our community as we know their actions may lead to violent behaviour, property crimes and organized crime,” says Chief Gary Conn, adding that the region has seen significant cannabis linked to illegal drug operations over the past year. Members of Intelligence Unit are not targeting people who are growing cannabis legally for their personal use or storefronts that have legally obtained permits. Rather, the idea is to identify sophisticated, large-scale criminal enterprises — oftentimes involving violence, human trafficking and public safety threats because of the lack of regulatory oversight — that are “exploiting the regulations set by Health Canada by diverting cannabis authorized to be grown for a personal medical purpose to the illegal market.” The most recent raid on Jan. 15 revealed 8,580 illegal plants valued at $8.6 million, resulting in four men — aged 46, 26, 24 and 26 — and a 52-year-old woman being arrested after they were found hiding inside the building. All have charged with cultivating and possession of cannabis for the purposes of selling. A week earlier, on Jan. 8, unit members executed a search warrant and found 9,004 illegal cannabis…

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Source : Chatham-Kent Police seize .5 million worth of cannabis plants over the last six months

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