Can CBD Promote Heart Heath? Let’s Find Out

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Have you ever felt like your heart is racing so fast that you almost can’t breathe? What you must be experiencing is plain and simple heart palpitations, or simply palpitations! It may seem like your heart might just stop! But this condition usually subsides pretty quickly – all by itself – without needing any treatment or medication. Palpitations may be triggered by various reasons. Some are mundane causes, such as anxiety or stress, caffeine overuse, or too many energy drinks, or addictions, such as abusing alcohol, nicotine, or drugs. Sometimes, palpitations are caused by dehydration, irregular sleep patterns, pregnancy, or more commonly due to strenuous exercises. These usually affect people with underlying heart conditions. Underlying medical issues, like an overactive thyroid or anemia, may also lead to sudden palpitations. Often serious cases of palpitations that tend to prolong over long periods are linked to preexisting heart conditions, like coronary artery disease, abnormal heart valves, heart failure, and heart muscle abnormalities. While in some cases, palpitations indicate a preexisting heart condition, known as arrhythmia, in other cases, addictions and other poor lifestyle choices may cause arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a condition when a person experiences abnormal heart rhythm. If the heart beats too fast, the condition is known as tachycardia, whereas when it beats too slow, the condition is called bradycardia. All of the above conditions can cause arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms. But their severity may differ. Not all palpitations lead to arrhythmias. Most arrhythmias are benign, others are treatable, while some can even be malignant, i.e. life-threatening. Sometimes, even the most benign palpitations can turn deadly if you already have an inherent or underlying heart condition. In such conditions, one needs some kind of treatment or medication. But none of them are without some serious side effects that can either ruin the quality of…

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