The CBD Industry in the UK 2021 projections


To say that the UK is quickly on its way to becoming a world leader in the cannabinoid industry is not an understatement. At present, the UK CBD industry is still in its infancy. However, it is projected to reach a market value of £1 billion by 2025. This is more than triple the value of the UK industry currently valued at £300 million. The CBD industry is on a steady path of growth in 2021. Currently, sales of CBD at £301 million already surpass those of Vitamin C at £119 million. 90 per cent of users already purchase CBD products online. An even higher growth rate is projected with increased investment into new CBD products and retail methods. UK CBD industry: What is driving the market? Many factors are driving the UK CBD industry forward. Firstly, the demand for CBD products is ever increasing. People are actively turning to more natural health and wellness solutions. There is an increased awareness about the potential health benefits of CBD, and the low risk of side effects. Secondly, the community of CBD supporters and users is continuously increasing. This is not only due to the efficacy of the CBD products, but also the increased promotion of these products. A growing number of social media influencers and celebrities are endorsing a variety of CBD products nowadays. RELATED ARTICLE: Is CBD oil legal in the UK? The UK’s CBD law explained CONTINUE READING The huge variety of CBD products available in the market, ranging from CBD oil to CBD edibles and CBD vapes means that there is something to suit everyone. People in all walks of life can use them openly or discreetly, depending on their preferences. Plant-based medicine has been popular throughout ages. Ever since CBD products became legal and widely available in…

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