Growing Together: Peyote Forum Strain Review


Peyote Forum is an indica-sativa cross between the legendary Forum Cookies, a pheno-type of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and the potent Peyote Purple cannabis strains. I have always been fond of GSC because of its relaxing and de-stressing effects and wanted to grow the Peyote Forum to see how the Forum Cookies combined with other genetics. Having heard that the Peyote Purple packed a punch and knowing GSC is also fairly potent, I was interested in the possibility of a very potent strain. What makes Peyote Forum stand out? From early on in the grow, the Peyote Forum was vigorous and all phenotypes had tight nodes. While training the plants I noticed that Peyote Forum #5 had a sticky stem and a strong smell. Number 5 turned out to be my favourite plant: it has dense buds, tons of resin, a gorgeous cookie-dominant terpene profile and packs on lots of weighty buds. The Indoor Grow From seed to harvest took114 days, but the growth stage was extended by me needing to run low lighting to compensate for excessive temperatures during a mini heatwave. I also used new LED fixtures for the first time during this grow and noticed all of the strains grown under them took much longer than expected to fully ripen. I am guessing the lights need more infrared and far red diodes. I grow all my cannabis in root prune pots filled with coco coir, inoculated with mycorrmax beneficials and fed via a run to waste drip system. Apart from extra bamboo supports to hold up the heavy branches for the final 3 weeks, this strain didn’t require any special treatment. I had no problems growing Peyote Forum; it was a doddle, with fast, vigorous growth, strong sturdy stems, not too much leaf, no nutrient sensitivity issues, and it…

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