4 weed brands Chris Barone can't live without


The world of extracts is not only the fastest growing sector of the cannabis industry, it’s also the least understood. Due to intimidating factors like lofty chemistry and extreme potency, concentrates tend to scare off new users before they even have the chance to experience one of the safest and most practical ways to consume cannabis.  The science behind extracts is difficult to dumb down, and tends to confuse almost everyone outside of the people who are involved in the industry. From the different types of extraction methods, to the rosins, resins, badders and butters, it’s a lot to keep straight. While developments in electronic gadgets — as well as the extracts themselves — have begun to make dabbing more accessible, it’s an industry that moves forward in leaps and bounds through constant technological advancements. The unsung heroes who figure out the science behind what gets us so high are people like Chris Barone.  Barone’s revolutionary extraction process Chris Barone is an extract legend who revolutionized dab culture when he came out with a process called distillation and a product called “The Clear.”  “If you were to take a time machine back a few years to 2013, all of the hash oil on the market was an extracted product of kind of shitty quality,” Barone told Weedmaps. “Unless it was really fresh material, you’d get these very dark colored oils. You know, 50 – 60% THC. Some odd flavors. Dab culture hadn’t taken off as much yet.”  He continued, “As a chemist it was like, ‘how can we purify this THC and make it better?’ Distillation at the time was something no one was doing. So out of nowhere we start producing kilos and kilos of this pristine, light yellow-colored oil.”  The original THC distillate, The Clear, is respected for…

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