5 edibles for consumers on the go


We’ve all been there: You want a little psychoactive oomph added to your day, but you’re on the move. The conspicuous rigamarole of rolling a joint on the fly is not an option, and you learned a lesson last time about gobbling a potent, infused cookie before heading out the door and going about your business. So what’s a bud-friendly busybody to do? Edibles can be a fickle beast, especially for the novice consumer. Dosing is often tricky, and there are countless product types available in the legal market, ranging from weapons-grade brownies and low-dose gummies, to lush delicacies like Italian-style drinkables or these elegant burnt caramel truffles. Figuring out which brand or what form of edibles works for you and your needs can feel like traversing a marijuana mindfield. So we’re here to help. Below, we’ve highlighted some infused treats that will complement the lifestyles of active, on-the-go tokers — regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro.  Sonder Space Crystals Calling all 90s kids: the ingenious folks at Sonder developed a cannabis remix of Pop Rocks, aptly named “Sonder Space Crystals.” These babies are nearly indistinguishable in appearance and sensation to the original candy, but enhanced with some innovative infusion tech.  A single-serve pouch of crystals includes 10 milligrams of THC, and Sonder offers zany flavors like Peachy Passion, Stoned Fruit, and Pineapple Party. Best of all, they’re made using sublingual nanoemulsion technology, so consumers will feel the effects within 15 minutes, compared to most edibles’ typical hour-long onset.  On top of being low dose and instant-release, Sonder Space Crystals are neatly packaged in slim pouches that can easily fit in a wallet or pocket. These qualities make the product ideal for anyone trying to get lifted while out and about. Just rip one open, pour it in…

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