Naked man unable to evade police as he flees illegal cannabis grow

Growth op

When police officers raided a U.K. property suspected of housing an illicit cannabis operation, they saw more than just plants, reports Leicestershire Live . Shortly after entering the home, a man fled the scene, ripping his clothes on a fence and then high-tailing it down the street in his birthday suit in a bid to evade the officers. Never too old: 76-year-old man arrested after found with 36 kilograms of weed in his vehicle Two men remembered to return their rental car, but forgot their cache of drugs Canadian resident caught trying to bring 30 hockey bags containing a half-ton of weed into the U.S. It seems shedding his clothes didn’t make him any faster, with the 27-year-old being captured shortly after the chase began and arrested on suspicion of cannabis cultivation. Some of you may have noticed officers chasing a naked male yesterday around the Garendon Road area yesterday. Just the return of #TeamRelentless detaining an adult male who had run from a cannabis grow. Thanks once more to the community #EyesAndEars Sgt JT— Charnwood Police (@CharnwoodPolice) January 8, 2021 Inside the house, officers say they recovered a “large number” of plants and growing equipment. It was locals who had tipped off police to the possible grow-op after noticing a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the house. On a local Facebook page, residents who were privy to the chase had some questions. “Anyone know why a naked man ran through Cumberland Road park and down Oxford Street with about seven police officers?” one person posted, before others chimed in asking a similar question. Another person said the man was apprehended in their back garden. “Got a bit of a shock to look out my kitchen window to a naked man trying to cover himself up with…

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Source : Naked man unable to evade police as he flees illegal cannabis grow

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