The best dry herb vaporizers to get right now

Despite pioneering the genre, dry herb vaporizers are the underdogs of the vaporizing world. While pens, concentrate vapes, and electronic systems like e-rigs dominate the stoner market, many tend to write off flower vapes as catering to a more medicinal crowd. When it comes down to it, most recreational users prefer to combust flower with a Bic and vaporize concentrates with a Peak, as opposed to vaporizing the flower itself.  It’s a totally different and more nuanced experience to vaporize flower than it is to smoke it — and the high is different, too. Smoking slaps you in the face, but vaping creeps behind your eyes. Instead of eviscerating all the chemical compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids with an uber hot flame, you’re vaporizing these compounds at a lower temperature and getting the most out of your flower. Also, vaporized weed has been decarboxylated, meaning you can use the vaped weed to make edibles later, stretching your stash even further.  As the objective of cannabis use moves away from over consumption and the hokey-stoner vibe it entailed, more sophisticated users are seeing the beauty in vaporizing flower. Thus, dry herb vapes are making a comeback, riding the new wave of health-conscious, lifestyle-based consumers. Not only are flower vapes one of the safest ways to consume cannabis — especially during a respiratory-based pandemic — they offer a full-spectrum terpene experience that can’t be achieved through smoking. Due to this litany of advantages, the flower vape market has seen a spike in cool new vapes. Here are our favorite dry herb vaporizers on the market.  DaVinci IQ2 For a luxe vaping experience, check out the brand new DaVinci IQ2. Heavy, chic, and pricey to boot, this beautifully executed handheld vape is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates.  Great for conserving flower…

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