Sirius Black is Purple Perfection

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Digital photo manipulation has blurred the lines between art and reality so completely that any truly remarkable image carries the weight of our collective skepticism; our minds no longer trust what our eyes can see. Such is the case with Sirius Black, a strain which boasts such a dazzlingly deep purple coloration it immediately inspires that nagging postmodern question: “Is it real?” Thankfully, not only is the shockingly vibrant violet of Sirius Black real, it’s a natural result of some very deliberate work by the Oregon Breeders Group — not a byproduct of the cold temperatures most strains require to produce purple. Or as OBG co-founder Wade Preble explained, it’s actually good. The vibrant purple flower of the Sirius Black plant sits at the center of bright green leaves. “Most purple weed isn’t very good — it’s not very good at all. And a lot of that is cold stress: you’re killing the plant, it’s unhealthy,” he said. “If you cold stress Sirius Black, I don’t know if it’ll get any purpler, but it would be crappy as well.” Thankfully, the strain’s visually arresting aesthetics are a natural product of its unique genetics and no sacrifices to quality are required to obtain them. “Sirius Black, when it’s grown outdoors, starts turning purple in August, when the temps are in the 90s and the 100s,” Preble said, adding that, while purple coloration was central to the breeding project, quality — not color — was the primary consideration. “We know that purple weed is a novelty, but it’s gonna wear off if the terpene profile and potency are horrible like most cold-stressed purple plants are,” he said. “Color was secondary, but bottom line is, when you’ve got an A1 plant and it’s also beautiful, that doesn’t hurt you at all.” A macro image of the purply Sirius…

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