Everything You Need To Know About Flushing Cannabis


The practice of flushing cannabis plants has become a standard tactic for many growers, although its benefits are by no means universally accepted. In theory, flushing is supposed to rid a plant of excess and unwanted minerals, thereby improving its smoothness and taste, yet not everyone is convinced that it really works. Frustratingly, there have been no proper studies conducted in order to determine once and for all whether flushing is truly necessary, although you’ll still find that the majority of cannabis growers flush their plants shortly before harvesting. Related Post Creating Your Own Cannabis Soil Locally And Organically What We Mean When We Talk About Flushing Cannabis Like all plants, cannabis requires a varied mineral diet in order to grow, which is why cultivators feed their plants with all sorts of different concoctions. Typically, these solutions will add ingredients like nitrogen, potassium, calcium and other vital minerals to the soil, which can then be taken up by the plants’ roots and used in cellular processes. However, it’s thought that these salts have a negative impact on the quality of harvested bud, making it harder to burn and harsher on the lungs while also giving it a somewhat chemical flavour. For this reason, cultivators often try to flush as many of these minerals as possible out of their plants immediately before harvesting, ensuring that their final product isn’t full of foul-tasting salts. Despite its name, flushing does not involve the use of a toilet, and is in fact a very simple process. Essentially, it entails excessively irrigating cannabis plants using just water in order to wash any remaining minerals out of the growing medium. This effectively starves a plant, causing it to start feeding off its internal reserves of minerals, which then become depleted. The trick, however, is in timing…

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