Chicago ER nurse high while on duty: report

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The Cook County Independent Inspector General (OIIG) found that a now-former emergency room nurse in Chicago was high on weed during one of her shifts at the Stroger Hospital. The investigative report notes that on at least one occasion, the ER nurse “performed her duties at the Stroger Hospital Emergency Room while under the influence of a drug, which adversely affected her job performance.” The complainant, who rented a residence owned by the nurse, shared with investigators a running stream of text messages with the nurse while she working an evening shift at the hospital. As part of the texts, the nurse shared a photo of what looked to be a cannabis gummy square in her hand. Hollywood doctor loses license after prescribing pot cookies for preschooler’s tantrums Unenlightened light-up: Substitute teacher in U.S. fired for giving students higher education and sparking up a doobie in class Principal gets a higher education after student hides cannabis stash in her office “Throughout the conversation with the complainant, the ER nurse detailed how the effects of the substance caused her to become intoxicated and caused her to lose focus during her shift,” the report states. The nurse also “stated that she was performing invasive medical procedures (inserting IVs) while she was intoxicated to a point that she was unable to focus,” which violates personnel rules “relating to the use and possession of drugs while on duty, both of which are major cause infractions,” notes the report. It is an infraction to engage in conduct that reflects adversely or brings discredit to the hospital, which was done by sending text messages to “people outside the hospital stating that she was using drugs and was intoxicated while on duty at the hospital.” The questionable behaviour of the unidentified nurse extended beyond the ER, including…

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Source : Chicago ER nurse high while on duty: report

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