Everything you need to know about the REFLUX 00_7TEN Vaporizer


The genre of dabbing concentrates is evolving at warp speed. A mere 10 years ago, taking a dab meant blasting a tar-like distillate with a giant torch, then coughing until you puked. Fast forward to now, and the dabbing world is a sleek, shiny place where futuristic devices and crystalline cannabinoids reign supreme.  While devices like e-rigs and electric dab straws made dabbing accessible to novice users, there’s another class of dabbing technology that caters to experts who know exactly what they want out of their concentrate experience. Enter the REFLUX 00_7TEN Vaporizer by Indux Labs, a system that exists on the cutting edge of dabbing technology, truly in a league of its own.  By utilizing electromagnetic energy waves, the REFLUX heats concentrates slowly, building on a temperature ramp as opposed to introducing the concentrate directly onto a hot plate, eviscerating all the terpenes and chemical compounds that have lower boiling points.  Offering a totally unique experience — one free from the drawbacks of normal hot plate consumption like coughing fits, burnt lungs, and a general feeling of being near death — the REFLUX 00_7TEN Vaporizer provides more of a hookah-like situation. It vaporizes concentrates beginning with a gradual temperature build, activating every terpene and cannabinoid which gives you a full-spectrum experience like never before. Though the system appears daunting to use at first, it’s actually extremely simple and totally worth it. As someone who dabs a lot, this is far and away the most incredible experience I’ve ever had consuming concentrates.  Here’s everything you need to know about the REFLUX 00_7TEN Vaporizer.  What is the Reflux? The REFLUX is a vaporizing system that uses an electromagnetic field to heat concentrates slowly at low temperatures. As the temperature gradually increases on what’s called a “temperature ramp,” the individual boiling points…

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