Returning to Britain’s capital city for the third year in a row, Cannabis Europa London invites you to join policymakers, industry pioneers, and scientific innovators from the four corners of the globe at London’s iconic Southbank Centre on June 22 – 23, 2020, to discuss and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe.  Cannabis continues to make headlines across Europe as countries look to push forward their own medical cannabis programmes, and unlock the societal and commercial potential of the plant. Commercially, consumer interest in CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years, disrupting mainstream industries such as the food and drink market, and the wellness and beauty sector.  The event will see leaders from across the world gather to discuss some of the most pressing issues in the international market. 1. Research and Healthcare | Knowing the Plant Cannabis science has come a long way since Dr Raphael Mechoulam first isolated and characterised THC and CBD from cannabis in the early 1960s. But while our scientific knowledge of the cannabis plant moves forward in great leaps and bounds every year, we remain merely at the beginning of a long road towards a full understanding of cannabis and its potential.  Cannabis Europa London will highlight the research being done at the cutting edge of cannabis science, and take a deeper dive into all aspects of the field than ever before.  Starting from the cannabis seed, Cannabis Europa London will explore the role of advanced agronomy innovation in cultivating better cannabis crop. Peering even closer, to the molecular level, panels will discuss the wealth of cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant, their potential therapeutic applications, and the challenges that come with their extraction and purification. 2. Society and Politics | Caring for People On the continent, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg…

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