Attempts to smuggle liquid marijuana into Japan skyrocketing

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Japan is witnessing “an explosive increase” in the amount of liquid marijuana being seized by police and customs authorities. Confiscations in 2020 by Tokyo Customs were estimated to be almost 45 times higher than in 2019. According to , a customs official described the situation as “an explosive increase.” The THC potency of cannabis extracts or concentrates — which come in solid or liquid forms — “can have up to 90 per cent THC, while dried flower typically contains one to 30 per cent THC,” notes the Ontario Cannabis Store . K9 Maximus knew Christmas was over. Why didn’t this drug dealer? Those aren’t gifts for your nieces. Packages in man’s luggage stuffed with 6.8 kilograms of weed Four youths, including a 12-year-old boy, accused of importing cannabis into Hong Kong reports that Tokyo Customs has noted that only about 400 grams of so-called “liquid” marijuana was seized in all of 2019 compared to about nine kilograms during the first half of 2020. That amount reportedly rose to 18 kg by the end of November — while the amount of cannabis, in general, coming into the country has been greatly reduced because of pandemic-related slashes to passenger and cargo flights, Japan Times reports . Liquid concentrates were often inside bottles disguised as honey and other products. “If it is in the form of leaves, it’s easy to detect with X-ray. When it’s in bottles, however, it’s harder to find,” a customs official told Japan Times . “Many users are youngsters,” the publication reports an official with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police as saying. “My impression is that it has been in wider use for the past 10 years or so,” noted the official, adding that liquid marijuana has less of smell than flower. Last April, the National Police Agency…

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Source : Attempts to smuggle liquid marijuana into Japan skyrocketing

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