U.K residents sticking to Dry January with a boost from cannabis

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Cannabis dealers are getting creative to help U.K. residents make it through Dry January, reports the Daily Star . Recreational cannabis remains illegal in the U.K., so dealers are using social media to get their product to those looking to abstain from alcohol for the month. “Forget Dry January, this is high January,” an anonymous dealer reportedly told the paper, noting that there’s been a surge in a demand in 2021. Police commissioner suggests providing free weed to drug-dependent inmates could curb overdose deaths U.K. families urging government to resolve medical cannabis supply issues following Brexit Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police calls for decriminalization of simple drug possession The dealer added that he sources his cannabis from the U.S. before distributing it in and around Manchester and Liverpool. According to the dealer, 3.5 grams, or a half-quarter, sells for anywhere between £80 to £120 ($138 to $208). For comparison’s sake, 3.5 grams of cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis Store ranges from around $20 to as high as $55, depending on the brand and cultivar. “Demand right now is for the stronger Cali stuff,” the dealer told the Daily Star . Meanwhile, while recreational cannabis sales are surging, U.K. families are sounding the alarm about Brexit cutting off their supply of life-saving medical cannabis products . There are at least 42 families in the U.K. that rely on Bedrolite, a high-CBD cannabis oil, to treat epilepsy. Before Brexit, those families would travel to the Netherlands to stock up on the medicine, but following Brexit, their U.K.-issued prescriptions are no longer valid. “I am facing the fact that my son might go into refractory epileptic seizures again, which can kill people,” Hannah Deacon, mother of Alfie Dingley, the first patient in the U.K. to receive a permanent medical cannabis licence, told  The…

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Source : U.K residents sticking to Dry January with a boost from cannabis

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