Those aren’t gifts for your nieces. Packages in man’s luggage stuffed with 6.8 kilograms of weed

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A 32-year-old man faces drug and weapons charges after being arrested last week at the Nashville International Airport for having cannabis hidden inside two FedEx packages he claimed contained presents for his nieces. Citing court records, WSMV reports that a K-9 officer at the airport alerted fellow officers to a suspicious suitcase in the baggage claim area. The owner of the grey, hard-shell bag had travelled on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Nashville, according to WKRN . Two men remembered to return their rental car, but forgot their cache of drugs TSA initially reports man tried to smuggle box cutters inside shampoo bottle, but the contraband turned out to be weed K9 officer sniffs out 87 pounds of weed in luggage at Nashville airport After seeing the man remove his baggage from the carousel and leave the area, police were granted a search warrant for the suitcase, FOX17 reports . When the baggage was searched, the man claimed it contained two FedEx boxes with gifts for his six- and eight-year-old nieces. The search revealed the boxes had 11 vacuum-sealed packages with a total of 15 pounds (6.8 kg) of cannabis inside. A subsequent search of his vehicle, which was on airport property, ended with the discovery of paraphernalia used for drug sales and a loaded Glock 9 mm handgun, according to FOX17 . Adrian Kinzer faces a felony charge of possession of marijuana with intent and a possession of a weapon count. Being a felon, he is not allowed to have a weapon, reports WKRN . Kinzer was taken to a local detention centre and released after posting bond of US$15,000 ($19,050) for both counts. The incident occurred a day after another traveler on a Southwest flight from Denver to Nashville was charged when a K-9 cop alerted…

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Source : Those aren’t gifts for your nieces. Packages in man’s luggage stuffed with 6.8 kilograms of weed

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