Introducing Weekend Dispensary, a new weekly newsletter from The GrowthOp

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Weekend Dispensary is a new weekly newsletter from Postmedia. From stories   of activists and athletes to the businesses, researchers, organizations, and other forces driving drug reform in Canada and abroad, Weekend Dispensary will keep you informed about the ever-changing world of cannabis and psychedelics. Signup now to get an exclusive story delivered straight to your inbox every Saturday. I’m Sam Riches, a reporter at The GrowthOp . You will be seeing my byline here often. I’m interested in the growth of the global cannabis industry and the changing perceptions of a plant rooted in controversy and disinformation. My reporting has also drawn me into the world of psychedelic therapies and their potential to reshape how we treat mental health and addiction, and drug reform more broadly. Weekend Dispensary will introduce readers to people like Daniel Carcillo , a retired National Hockey League player now finding a second lease on life with the help of cannabis and psilocybin, or Thomas Hartle , the first Canadian to receive legal psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, or Gemma Dubreuil , a 90-year-old Québécois antique collector, working to destigmatize cannabis smoking for women. The newsletter will also include a weekly roundup of stories from The GrowthOp that you might have missed. Stay tuned for next week’s edition, about a licensed producer growing cannabis on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean with sustainability in mind. Signup for the newsletter here and get in touch with the editor at Thanks for reading!

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Source : Introducing Weekend Dispensary, a new weekly newsletter from The GrowthOp

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