CBD tablets – what are they and how do they differ to capsules?


This article takes a deeper look into CBD tablets, their pros and cons as well as the possible side effects. In recent years, there has been a huge growth in the market for CBD (or cannabidiol, one of the naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in cannabis plants). CBD comes in many different forms. It can be difficult sometimes to differentiate between the products out there in the market. If CBD tablets are a product that interests you, stick around. What are CBD tablets? CBD tablets are a form of CBD created using hemp-extracted cannabidiol. This means that they have low THC levels. With many forms of CBD products, manufacturers infuse CBD extract into a carrier oil to create CBD oil. However, with tablets, the CBD extract is added directly into the product. They work the same as any other CBD product but make dosing an easier process. When consuming a CBD tablet, the person will know the exact dose concentration. RELATED ARTICLE: What is CBD oil & what can it do for you? CONTINUE READING As well as that, they are easy to use and quite easy to digest, which makes them a perfection option for many first-time users. Lots of people stick with using CBD tablets for years. This is because they do not have a strong flavour and offer the same benefits as other supplements. The pros and cons of CBD tablets Pros They provide a familiar format for supplementation Tablets are easy to use They are convenient and have a pre-measured CBD dosage indicated on the label Most provide the optimum daily dose of CBD Some include additional ingredients that help target specific conditions or ailments a person may have Tablets are easy to carry with you wherever you go Cons They take longer to produce effects when…

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Source : CBD tablets – what are they and how do they differ to capsules?

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