$150 million in cannabis seized from 400 large drug operations in West Midlands last year

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The U.K.’s West Midlands Police (WMP) reports it is doing what it can to clamp down on area drug dens run by crime groups, as evidenced by the £87 million ($150 million) worth of weed it seized in 2020. Focusing on large marijuana factories suspected of being run by organized crime teams, figures from WMP’s Cannabis Disposal Team (CDT) show that members closed down 398 large farms last year, notes a police statement. The plants and harvested leaves that were seized had an estimated street value of £86,697,000. Adding in the smaller cannabis grows, for which neighbourhood police teams are responsible, last year’s tally “would be considerably more,” police say. U.K. families urging government to resolve medical cannabis supply issues following Brexit Early-morning raid reveals cannabis grow worth an estimated $1.7 million Cannabis cultivators bank on illegal grow, but police make operation-ending withdrawal A July 20, 2021 raid revealed the largest cannabis farm cleared by the CDT, located in a storage unit and featuring cannabis valued at £3.6 million ($6.2 million). Released by police, a video of the massive find shows a walk-through of the entire operation, said to consist of about 3,600 marijuana plants. The video displays the ducting, wiring, water butts, fans and filters being used, an area where new plants are being tented, a section where plants at different stages are being grown under lumi-bright, a space with a substantial amount of plants that are just starting to flower and bud and an area with drying nets. “There is no air up here at all, air quality is very poor. The roof is solid, can’t get no air in here at all,” notes the officer taking the video.

He points out that some plants in one part of the operation, measuring about 60 centimetres in…

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Source : 0 million in cannabis seized from 400 large drug operations in West Midlands last year

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