U.K. families urging government to resolve medical cannabis supply issues following Brexit

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Another family has come forward detailing how Brexit threatens its ability to acquire life-saving medical cannabis. Emily and Spencer Carkeet spend £750 (almost $1,300) every month to import high-CBD Bedrolite cannabis oil from the Netherlands to treat their daughter, Clover, who has epilepsy, reports Somerset Live . The medication has drastically reduced the number of seizures two-year-old Clover experiences, but with U.K. prescriptions no longer valid in the Netherlands following Brexit, the family is just weeks away from its supply running out. Access to medical cannabis remains a challenge in the U.K., argues mother of chronically ill child Seven-year-old girl with rare form of epilepsy makes ‘amazing’ recovery thanks to cannabis oil Access to medical cannabis for U.K. patients under threat due to Brexit “The government claims to be trying to sort it out, but at the moment, we have about 10 weeks of oil left,” Emily Carkeet told Somerset Live . “We are waiting for a shipment to come in that would last us another three months, but we don’t know if it will arrive.” According to a report from The Times , there are more than 40 families in the U.K. in the same position. “I am facing the fact that my son might go into refractory epileptic seizures again, which can kill people,” Hannah Deacon, mother of Alfie Dingley, the first patient in the U.K. to receive a permanent medical cannabis licence, told The Guardian earlier this month. “That’s how dangerous this is. So to say, ‘Oh, you can swap it for another product, sorry we can’t help,’ it is grossly unacceptable. It’s very, very dangerous and I’m really frightened about what is going to happen,” Deacon said. The Department of Health and Social Care has recommended that patients switch to “a range of alternative cannabis-based medicines…

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Source : U.K. families urging government to resolve medical cannabis supply issues following Brexit

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