sometimes i get high and think about how id hoop on barack obama 66261

Sometimes I get high and think about how I'd hoop on Barack Obama

Sometimes I get high is a series about the activities you do or things you think about when you’re high, in deep detail, for the fun of it.  It was a warm Wednesday afternoon in November when I smoked a joint of GSC from Humboldt County and slid into a happy-zen mode at a beach in San Diego. It’s this type of setting that makes my mind wander. Content, present, outside, and hyper-reactive to whatever I observe in real time.  These are the times my silliest thoughts come to mind like, “people really underestimate Carrie Bradshaw’s career,” and “I think I could win that Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling competition.” It differs from the times when I’m not high, and my mind is obsessively focused on how I can do my part in saving humanity from destroying itself (read: anxiety). On this particular afternoon, I was zoning, listening to “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston, and scrolling through my phone as a “wow-life-can’t-get-any-better-than-this” type of high washed over my body, when there it was: a Twitter video of Barack Obama shooting another weak-ass, wide-open jumper, getting more weak-ass applause. I instantly texted it to my friend and fellow hater of viral internet content, Aaron, with four simple words: “Fam…Barack cannot hoop.”  Shoot your shot.— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 31, 2020 See, hooping is about way more than making a couple wide-open jumpers in designer loafers. You gotta be able to walk into any open gym in the world and account for at least 3 points in a run to 11. For over eight years now, we’ve been seeing these Obama basketball videos, and I’m positive that BO doesn’t have 3 in the tank. One of my biggest goals in life is to play in a celebrity basketball game. Not because I…

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