What does OG mean in weed?


If you’ve seen the term “OG” pop up in online media or social feeds, I won’t blame you if you have only a vague idea of what it means. Most of the time, it seems like an internet slang term that could refer to anything and everything. Urban dictionary’s top definition says it used to mean “original gangster” but is now used as a shorthand for “original.” A quick Twitter search for #OG ran the gamut from workout goals to happy birthday wishes to pictures of adorable dogs in winter sweaters. So, what the hell does OG actually mean? The short answer: it means a lot of things to a lot of different people. In weed culture, OG are two letters you will see in front of a lot of strains that feature the parent strain, OG Kush. Given the frenzied pace of strain breeding right now, hot new strains come and go, but OG Kush has maintained its indisputable popularity. It’s even Weedmaps’ number one most popular strain and reigning Strain Madness champion.  This sativa-leaning hybrid is best known for its epic potency, with THC percentages regularly coming in at 20-25%. Some OG Kush consumers report long-lasting effects that land more in the head than the body, while intensifying sound and color. Described as having an earthy, berry, or citrusy taste, this happy, giggly, and relaxed strain is outstandingly social. No wonder strain breeders seek its parentage.  The OG origin story Now that we know what to expect from consuming this uber popular strain, let’s dig into its weed culture nomenclature — and there are a lot of theories. Some say it’s an acronym for “ocean grown,” “original gangster,” or a shortened version of the word “original.”  To know what OG means, you need to know the names of…

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