Amsterdam could ban foreign visitors from its coffee shops


In a bid to cut down on drug-related tourism, Amsterdam is considering banning tourists from its coffee shops. The move could see coffee shops solely patronised by Dutch locals. This is likely due to the vast number of tourists who come to Amsterdam for drug-related purposes. A number of police officers and prosecutors have expressed support for this decision. Among them is Femke Hasema, the mayor of Amsterdam. According to Mayor Halsema, 58% of tourists come to Amsterdam solely to consume cannabis. Mayor Halsema also said that the cannabis market in Amsterdam has grown too large to handle. Furthermore, the sale of cannabis has also fostered the growth of organised crime syndicates. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil for pain – The ultimate guide to it’s benefits and uses CONTINUE READING When asked about this proposal, Mayor Halsema said, “We can be an open, hospitable, and tolerant city, but also a city that makes life difficult for criminals and slows down mass tourism.” This proposal has received mixed reactions from business owners. Currently, Amsterdam boasts 166 coffee shops. However, should this proposal come to fruition, the majority of them could shut — for good. Turning the focus to cultural tourism By approving and passing this proposal, Mayor Halsema hopes to draw tourists who want to enjoy Dutch culture and history. “Amsterdam is an international city, and we wish to attract tourists — for its richness, its beauty, and its cultural institutions,” she said. Cities like Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands, and Den Bosch, have already seen similar legislation passed. Public prosecutors and police officers in the Netherlands have long since wanted to follow suit. However, making this decision without a proper framework could have resulted in an unrestrained street market. This could make cannabis even harder to regulate. Therefore, this…

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