A Pot For Your Pot: The Best Cannabis Growing Containers


Cannabis cultivators often agonise over which growing medium and lighting system to use, but your seeds aren’t going to get very far if you don’t have anything to put them in. And while choosing a pot might not seem like that big of a decision, there are in fact a number of different cannabis growing containers to select from, each of which brings its own unique advantages. Related Post 7 Tips For Understanding The Root Zone Of The Cannabis Plant Why Use A Cannabis Growing Container? While you could just sow your seeds straight into the ground, doing so leaves a lot to chance and makes it much harder to control certain variables. By growing cannabis in containers, however, it becomes easier to ensure that the roots of each plant receive enough water and oxygen, while also having enough space to avoid becoming rootbound. Using cannabis growing containers also makes it possible to plan out one’s growing space, ensuring you end up with the maximum harvest from the available area.Types Of Cannabis Growing Containers The first and most obvious container to consider is your bog-standard plant pot. These can be made of plastic or ceramic, but will always have solid sides and holes underneath to allow for water to drain away. This feature is particularly important, as you don’t want the roots of your plant to end up sitting in stagnant water with no access to oxygen. They may not be particularly exciting or high-tech, but there’s a reason standard plant pots are so widely used. They are reliable, cheap, and easy to come by. That said, many growers opt for smart pots, which are made of fabric and therefore allow air and water to permeate their sides. This allows for better oxygenation, which can help plants to grow faster.…

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