Got the munchies? U.S. states that legalized recreational weed see higher junk food sales

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U.S. state governments should consider the potential consequences of legalizing recreational cannabis given that both sales and amounts of junk food purchased have ticked up in jurisdictions that have done so. “You think marijuana does no harm — that’s pretty much the consensus today,” Alberto Chong, study author and an economist at Georgia State University, told The Academic Times . But Chong cautioned one of the unintended consequences is “the fact that you really get very hungry and you start eating crap.” Presumably, that would include high-calorie foods such as chips, cookies and ice cream , as per a 2019 paper authored by Chong and Michele Baggio, an associate professor of economics at the University of Connecticut. Really? U.S. study reports munchies are a side effect of legalizing recreational cannabis Is legal marijuana creating more junk food junkies? Munchies, smunchies: Cannabis users weigh less than non-users Findings of a study published in 2015 indicate that not all foods are equally implicated in addictive-like eating behaviour . However, “highly processed foods, which may share characteristics with drugs of abuse (e.g. high dose, rapid rate of absorption) appear to be particularly associated with ‘food addiction’.” In the most recent study, Chong and Baggio found that both the sales and volume of junk food in Colorado, Oregon and Washington rose after adult-use cannabis was legalized. To get a firmer grasp of any causal relationship between recreational marijuana laws (RMLs) and eating high-calorie food, the study abstract notes researchers used retail scanner data related to purchases of high-calorie food. “Specifically, in counties located in RML states, monthly sales of high-calorie food increased by 3.2 percent when measured by sales and 4.5 percent when measured by volume when using our preferred identification strategy, reports the study published last month in Economics & Human Biology .…

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Source : Got the munchies? U.S. states that legalized recreational weed see higher junk food sales

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