Women who use cannabis could have more difficulty conceiving: U.S. study

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Women who consumed cannabis while trying to conceive were less likely than non-users to conceive or to become pregnant over the study period, notes new research from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH researchers considered women who were trying to conceive and had used cannabis or hash in the weeks before pregnancy or had THC-positive urine tests. Published this week in Human Reproduction , the study found that cannabis users were 41 per cent less likely to conceive per monthly cycle than non-users. “Similarly, a smaller proportion of cannabis users than non-users became pregnant during the study — 42 per cent versus 66 per cent,” notes a statement from the NIH . Does using weed during pregnancy affect fetal brain development? This Saskatchewan researcher wants to find out Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should abstain from using cannabis: nurses’ association A new study claims using cannabis while pregnant can be harmful to the baby There was a lower chance of conceiving “despite an increased frequency of intercourse,” the study abstract states . If pregnancy was achieved, however, study authors found no differences in miscarriage rates between cannabis users and non-users. Participants were part of a larger group of 1,228 women between the ages of 18 and 40 who had had one or two prior miscarriages. From 2006 to 2012, women participated for as many as six monthly cycles while trying to get pregnant and throughout pregnancy, if conception occurred, the NIH reports. Women self-reported preconception cannabis use as many as four times over the course of the study: at baseline, after six months of follow-up or at the beginning of the conception cycle, and weeks four and eight of pregnancy. Researchers make clear that any conclusions about cannabis use and fertility should be tempered because the study included just a…

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Source : Women who use cannabis could have more difficulty conceiving: U.S. study

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