Scottish police probing weekend fire stumble upon weed grow-op

Growth op

The saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” was made real when Scottish police found a cannabis grow-op while investigating a fast-food restaurant blaze that required 11 people to be evacuated from seven apartments. Firefighters responding to the Elrasheed D’Lite kebab shop in Perth a little after 4 p.m. on Jan. 10 rescued several people from an apartment and those in nearby units were evacuated as smoke reportedly filled their homes, according to The Courier , whose article includes some video from the scene. Nearly 40 firefighters were needed to bring the blaze under control. Police drugs expert who sold weed-growing equipment on eBay would have gotten the boot had he not resigned Scottish farmers in southern part of country should consider giving medicinal marijuana a go: report Massive grow-op with 1,000 cannabis plants raided Following up on the blaze the next day, carrying out routine inquiries and checking on smoke and fire damage, officers discovered the “sizeable” grow-op in one apartment, notes The Courier. Three officers donning latex gloves were seen carrying the cannabis plants in evidence bags out of the property and into a parked van, the publication reports. Police found nothing suspicious about the fire. The cannabis plants, though, are a different story. That investigation is continuing. Supply and production of a Class B drug, which includes cannabis, can lead to 14 years in prison in the U.K., an unlimited fine or both. It is not known how many plants were seized from the Perth grow-op, but it is certainly not the first time that an illegal grow was discovered either during fires or follow-up investigations. Last month in West Virginia, firefighters battling a brush fire reported to police that there was a large nearby grow-op. Police found an operation that was almost 700 plants strong, resulting in…

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Source : Scottish police probing weekend fire stumble upon weed grow-op

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